a business of PAB GROUP (NYSE:EMR) is a new provider of construction infrastructure technologies and life cycle services for electrical and communications technology systems. With an expansive portfolio of intelligent, rapidly deployable hardware and software solutions for electrical system, thermal and infrastructure management, PAB GROUP 3 DIVISION enables efficient, highly-available networks.

Design, Execution, Modernisation, Service, Maintenance.The architectural innovations promoted in the civil and industrial constructions field require a very diverse and complex ensemble of mechanical and electrical works, suitable for the specific technical requirements of a building.

Hvac Hydrants exterior & interior Sprinkler systems & drenchers Pumping systems & firefighting Smoke exhaust systems Cold and/or hot water systems Equipment for domestic hot water Sewerage plants Sanitary installation Gas installations
Electrical installation

High voltage installations Grounding Thunder protection installations General and secondary distribution panels Power installations and sockets Interior lightning (normal and security) Generating sets Exterior lightning ( parking, access roads)

Low voltage installations
Intelligent control systems for building utilities (BMS) Video supervision system (CCTV) Interior TV signal distribution networks (CATV) Timekeeping and access control systems Fire detection and alarm systems Gas and toxic emmissions detection and alarm systems Breaching detection and alarm systems Sound systems : voice, enviromental and power evacuation Structured cabling systems (voice-data) including equipments Time display installations Interphone and videophone systems Nurse-call systems

Commissioning, Functioning Authorisation, Technical Inspection, Repair, Warranty Intervention, Post-Warranty Intervention, Maintenance. The building system malfunction can produce material, financial and even human losses.

In order to keep our partners’ businesses safe we have created a division specialized in installation systems and equipment service. Our expert team can assure the quality of their work for any intervention needed.