Past gems, future treasures.

Retrofitting is all about breathing new life into the old and innovating by repurposing space. It is a sustainable way of relating to different areas and choosing to keep what is relevant and what speaks volumes on the legacy and history of that certain space. Using the past as a canvas, there is no boundary in retrofitting besides imagination.

Hermes Business Campus Reception

The Lobby @ Hotel Prestige

Ogre Office





Retrofitting is the playground for sustainability, cost-efficiency, preservation and regulatory compliance. Does that sound good? Yes, we know.

We have everything it takes to turn your creative retrofitting dream into a tangible reality: the experience, the expertise, the resources. Our team works together to find the best solutions, we use cutting-edge technology and we take challenges as opportunities to think outside the box.


You can always rely on us for a strategic approach to adapt office spaces to your team's needs, optimizing layouts, reimagining the flow of specific areas, and ensuring sustainability upgrades. It's all about our employees: their happiness is part of our mission.


If your store requires a transformation, we're here to help. Whether it's updating store layouts and seamlessly integrating technological solutions into the customer experience, ensuring accessibility and sustainability, or completely reimagining the aesthetic - we have a proven track record of achieving all that and more.


Boosting energy efficiency, elevating guest experiences, and preserving historical charm while giving brands a fresh look are just a few aspects of retrofitting in the hospitality industry. From hotels with intriguing histories to bars, restaurants, and even cruise ships, we understand the evolving demands of the tourism sector and are here to meet them.