We have created 195 modular elements that combine to highlight the potential and beauty of every space they adorn, always preserving its essence. Meet Modumental.


We are local entrepreneurs, and we take pride in the Romanian spirit within the modular solutions we create.

Made from Romanian wood by Romanian creators, always attentive to details and craftsmanship, our products express the Romanian artisanal heritage while being suitable for a global, boundaryless approach because they adapt to the targeted space and become one with it. From affinity - for well-thought-out and enduring creations - to infinity - because modularity shares the same dimension as creativity.

Infinite Possibilities

We don't offer just a simple collection of modular elements but an entire system where each part is chosen by the architect who envisions or reorganizes a space. Every combination that utilizes our creations is truly unique because, beyond quality, design, and attention to detail, modularity involves a dose of imagination and an awareness of a space that evolves along with those who enter it.

Attention to Detail & Sustainable Design

We create for today with an eye on tomorrow. Therefore, all 195 modular elements are made to withstand the test of time and various stories. Good design in today's world is sustainable design. This is why we use the highest quality materials and pay attention to details - details not only make a difference but also change everything that follows.

Constant Evolution

The world is changing, and we change with it because that leads to transformation. We always look ahead, and we do it with care because we want to understand the place we want to reach, to understand the spaces and how they evolve, and because we want everything we do to remain consistently good over time, relevant, and useful for those who use the respective space.