In the realm of building restoration, we find ourselves seamlessly bridging the past and the future.

Here, within the walls of historic structures with their own intricate histories and profound roles within diverse communities, we uncover a magnificent tapestry of our shared heritage.

This art of restoration stands as a tribute to humanity's unwavering ingenuity, showcasing the profound respect we hold for architectural legacies that narrate the tales of our collective evolution. With meticulous attention to every technical detail, we have embarked on several transformative projects, resurrecting monuments to their former splendor and radiance.

Our capabilities in regard to
historical buildings

  • 1

    Technical documentation for architectural, structural, and installation specialties for all design phases: emergency intervention (E.I.), documentation for approval of intervention works/feasibility study (A.D.L.I./F.S.), technical design (T.D.), technical documentation for obtaining construction/demolition permits (D.T.A.C./D.T.A.D.), technical documentation for site organization (D.T.O.E.), documentation required for obtaining permits and approvals requested through the Urban Planning Certificate, execution details (D.E.).

  • 2

    Cost estimates

  • 3

    Preliminary studies, design themes, architectural surveys, complex investigations, material testing, technical expertise, historical and architectural studies

  • 4

    Consultation on design services, technical assistance during the execution of works

  • 5

    3D simulations for a better investment perspective

  • 6

    Project Management

  • 7

    Execution/assessment of heritage buildings