Who we are

We believe quality is about clarity. We pay attention to every little detail of the spaces we encounter, shed light on them and complement them with bespoke solutions consciously created to bring forward their potential.

Diversity and versatility describe us best, as we appreciate great challenges: from eclectic spaces to spatious hotels, fine dining establishments, corporate offices, financial institutions, bustling airports, and the world of retail and commerce. We've brought them all to life. Your life.

Established a decade ago, we initially focused on shopfitting as its core business in 2013. As customer demands grew increasingly intricate, we made the strategic decision to diversify our business, expand our team of experts, and broaden our reach into regional cities.

A decade later, our team has doubled in size, and we have successfully introduced three new business divisions: Office, Hospitality, and Monuments.

Selected clients

Rompetrol, Ladurée, Poke House, Aesop, Pull&Bear, Electronic Arts, Pandora, Mango, Marc O'Polo, McDonald's, Primark, Nespresso, Grid, DHL, Beauty Pie, Zara, Primal One Food, Superbet, Adventum Group, Bionorica,, Lunet, Schicheria, Hotel Prestige, Optiplaza, Fashion Drop, Optiblue

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We see your projects through: from the initial planning to design, building and turning spaces into stories worth sharing with others.


Our comprehensive services encompass consultancy and space audit, creative concept design, precise project design, and efficient permitting solutions to guide your vision to fruition. We offer custom-made solutions to all challenges that might come our way and approach each project with the right set of tools to see it happen.


We specialize in providing turnkey solutions, covering fit-out construction, and mechanical and electrical works, to transform your space into a functional and impressive environment, one you'll always want to come back to.


We mean it when we say we take care of your projects inside and out - that includes the furniture. This includes Modumental, our very own modular furniture system, fit for office spaces, cozy homes, restaurants etc. We also partner up with OCCO for more innovative solutions when it comes to interior design.

Business lines


Retail space has to be effective for both employees and customers. We make sure the customer experience is seamless through design of shelving, display units, counters, signage, lighting, and other fixtures, as well as the installation of these elements in the retail space. Product sales go up and customes come in.


We transform office spaces into dynamic environments that inspire productivity and creativity. Our process begins with a meticulous design phase, where we carefully analyze the unique needs and aspirations of our clients. We craft innovative plans that not only maximize space utilization but also infuse a sense of identity and purpose into each project.


We specialize in crafting immersive hospitality experiences through meticulous design, exceptional construction, and the transformation of existing spaces, redefining luxury and setting the stage for unforgettable guest journeys.


With unwavering dedication and a deep commitment to preserving history and culture, we breathe new life into iconic structures. Our expert team meticulously revitalizes every intricate detail, employing time-honored techniques and innovative technologies to ensure that the essence of historic landmarks shines once more.

Meet our team

A business is always as strong as the people supporting it. Our team members are senior professionals able to turn any challenge into an opportunity with unwavering dedication.

Cristian Nistor


Sorina Nistor

Senior Business Developer

George Lazar

Construction Director

Delia Anderson

Technical Director

Daniel Costianu

Head of PM (Furniture Division)

George Baron

Senior PM (Construction Division)

Marin Ion

Project Manager (Construction Division)

Alexandru Mihai

Project Manager (Construction Division)

Adelina Rotariu

Finance Manager

Amalia Abuligesei

Procurement Senior Officer

Carla Traista

Senior Quality Controller

Ciprian Diaconu

Bidding Analyst

Virgiliu Moraru

Project Manager (Furniture Division)

Radu Murasan

Project Manager (Furniture Division)

Diana Grigoraș

External PM (Furniture Division)



Retrofitting is all about breathing new life into the old and innovating by repurposing space. It is a sustainable way of relating to different areas and choosing to keep what is relevant and what speaks volumes on the legacy and history of that certain space. Using the past as a canvas, there is no boundary in retrofitting besides imagination.

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We have created 195 modular elements that combine to highlight the potential and beauty of every space they adorn, always preserving its essence. Meet Modumental. Made from Romanian wood by Romanian creators, always attentive to details and craftsmanship, our products express the Romanian artisanal heritage while being suitable for a global, boundaryless approach.

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In the realm of building restoration, we find ourselves seamlessly bridging the past and the future. Here, within the walls of historic structures with their own intricate histories and profound roles within diverse communities, we uncover a magnificent tapestry of our shared heritage.

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